Dialogue: Literacy Problem

 A dialogue about the problem of illiteracy.

Mamun: How are you Fahad? 
Fahad: Fine. Thank you. And how about you? 
Mamun: I'm also fine. Fahad, most of the people of our country do not know how to read or write. I am very much worried about the rate of illiteracy in our country. 
Fahad: Yes, Illiteracy is a curse in our country.
Mamun: Illiteracy hampers all our development programmes.
Fahad: Certainly. 
Mamun:How can we eradicate illiteracy? 
Fahad: It a gigantic task. We should set up adult literacy centres at every villages. 
Mamun: At present primary education is being given free. 
Fahad: Primary education has been made compulsory. 
Mamun: Yes. 
Fahad:The government also supplies books to the students up class IX free of cost. 
Mamun: These programmes will help a lot to eradicate illiteracy. 
Fahad: Do all the children go to school? 
Mamun: No, they don't. 
Fahad: I think, we all have a duty in this regard. 
Mamun: Of course. 
Fahad: We should encourage the poor parents to send their children to school. 
Mamun: We have no enough schools in our country. So we should set up more schools in the country. 
Fahad: The government alone will not be able to eradicate illiteracy. 
Mamun: Of course. All the educated people should come forward in this regard. 
Fahad: The students can help to eradicate illiteracy. They can teach the illiterate people during their vacation. 
Mamun: Okay, Thanks a lot. 
Fahad: You are most welcome. It was a nice speeking to you.

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